Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Since I listed all those things I love in NM, I thought I'd give some love to Arkansas.

Things I love/will miss:
* The people from Journey: I wish we could just take all of you with us... we hope to have some visitors out west
* trees- it's pretty much yucca plants and a few mesquite bushes
* water- except for the prior mentioned yucky rain mess
* our wonderful neighbors- where else in the world do your neighbors bake you cakes and feed your husband when you're out of town?


WendyJanelle said...

I followed you over from Peace and Craziness. :-)
Arkansas has lots of great things to love !:-) Have you been hiking, camping, caving here? Rafting? Been to see the waterfalls yet? I live up in the Northwest, and we spend pratically every weekend at another beautiful site. Oh, the beauty of the outdoors!!

Amanda & Justin Dreyer said...

Yes- I love to camp and hike. (Petit Jean).. not so much in SE Arkansas. I liked AR better when we lived in the Little Rock area.