Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A moment with D

So now that I'm back at work and the boys are back at school, I want to take some time and reflect on some of the moments I've had with my boys this summer. For people who read my blog, but don't know us personally, we now have 3 foster sons (D-14, E-14, and A-12). D and E came to us this summer through some definitely God-ordained circumstances. This summer, being full time mom to 3 tween/teen boys has by far been one of the greatest, but most rewarding things I've ever done. I've grown and learned so much about God, being a parent, and about myself (like I could never be a stay at home mom- God bless you all).

My moment with D: Last weekend D and I got to spend some time alone together (alone time with a kid is a precious commodity at our house). We were cleaning up after breakfast and I asked him to put up the milk. In his best teenage attitude he exclaimed "Gosh- I will!" * A little insight into our home- there are 2 things we DO NOT tolerate under any circumstance- disrespect and intentional physical harm to others.* In our home, we do re-dos in which parent and child or child-child must replay the scenario until we can all do it respectfully. This particular morning, it took us about 7 times to get it right and immediately after resulted in D storming off to the front porch. After a little cool down time, I ventured outside to see him crying. He immediately said "you're mad at me!" At that moment I realized that this kid has never had discipline without anger attached. I could have engaged into a power struggle, but I (by the grace of God) realized that this kid needed to know that discipline shows that I do love him and care about the person he is becoming.  It was amazing to see the realization and almost disbelief on his face- I'm still not sure he buys it, but I think we are slowly but surely breaking down some walls.