Monday, April 21, 2008

Toxic People

So I've been meaning to post about this for a week or so, but better late than never...

While Justin was at drill a couple weeks ago, I got to go back and visit some old friends at Rock Creek and hear a great sermon by Greg Kirksey

The first thing that got me was a surveillance video from a local restaurant... basically, this family is in a rush and throughout the meal, the wife is complaining about the service, pestering the waitress about how long things are taking, etc. The family then bows their heads to pray after receiving their food and continue to be incredibly rude to this poor waitress. By the end of the meal, she is almost in tears due to their rude comments and pushy attitudes.

Greg preached on the toxic church...

He talked about staying away from extreme legalism (Pharisees). So many churches seem to make people feel like dirt because of their sin... I've even heard of churches making unwed pregnant teenagers stand in front of the church body and confess their sin. Not that we shouldn't hate the sin, but there are so many better ways to go about things than developing a critical spirit toward others.
Matthew 23:4, 6-7, 13-15

He talked about staying away from extreme liberalism (not political liberalism), but the whole believe whatever you want, cafeteria plan Christianity. Liberal teaching provides no roots! As in the days of Moses, "everyone did what was right in his own eyes" seems to be the common theme among our lives today. We often are enamoured by good communicators and forget to investigate the whole truth.
2 Timothy 2:15-18

My favorite thing he said that was so simple was "The greater the relationship- the fewer rules you need." For example, someone who loves their spouse and has a great relationship doesn't need a rule that tells them not to commit adultery. So it should be with us, the closer we get to God, and the more like Jesus we become, the less rules we should need to live.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Job Search Update

So... life in the Dreyer world has become a little crazy as we search for jobs, houses, schools.... I don't really like the idea of not knowing where we will be living 3 months from now. Amanda didn't get her #1 choice job at Denver Children's Hospital... we're still looking in Denver, but it's not looking too promising as they don't pay their school SLP's very well. We are still looking in NM, but the housing prices are still exorbitant so we would have to find a great deal. We have now added options 3 and 4. Option 3 is in Orlando... Amanda was offered a part time position with a great Auditory verbal therapy company that would pretty much be an incredible opportunity except that I would need to find additional part time work so that we could afford to live... the good thing is Florida pays their school and preschool SLPs very well... so after sending out 10 resumes and applications last night, hopefully I can find something. Option 4 is a Children's Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma... random... this position was passed onto me from a geriatric hospital that wanted to recruit me in OK City so I applied just to see what happens. Jeff joked Sunday night that maybe we need to move to Alaska.... I know God has a sense of humor, but OH MY... I was kinda freaking out about Colorado... I wear sweats and have to have a blanket in our house when the air is below 70! Justin is pretty much content to go where I can get the best job and he can finish his degree although he's really pulling for Colorado Anyways... all this to say we need some prayer (that we sell our house, that we end up where God wants us, and that we "aka me" will be patient and learn to trust God through this)