Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ammendum to Arkansas

Wendy pointed out the hiking/camping/watersports stuff in Arkansas. I do love all those things. My picture of the bridge on my site is actually from a camping trip to Petit Jean. We just haven't found any good places to camp, hike, or waterski/wakeboard in SE Arkansas... but I love Petit Jean!


Mandy said...

Yeah.. you pretty much have to dig your heels in and DECIDE to love living in SE Arkansas lol.. there's little here to enjoy sadly. (racists ppl, lots of poverty, little culture, little outdoor facilities, must I go on?) Ah well... I'm happy to have found a great group of folks at Journey now... it makes life here lovely I must say! (and i have ppl to travel north with me tee hee)

I just saw your post about the animal shelter! You and I are SO much alike.. girl you don't even know. lol I'm sad to read that you guys will be moving off right as I'm getting to know you. I'm sure it'll be great for you though.. I bet going back home will be so nice! What are you guys doing at the animal shelter? That's something I've actually recently been talking to Clayton about! I want to adopt a dog.. but he says not now. :P I could at least go help take care of them though.. do they need more help?

Kyrene said...

Good post.