Thursday, March 13, 2008


So Justin and I were talking today... actually mostly me talking and he listening. We have kind of become addicted to TV. We still do lots of running and dog walking and working in the yard and house and it's not that we sit mindlessly watching hours upon hours, but we always have the TV on when we're doing stuff (folding clothes, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc.). It feels like my brain is rotting as we speak! We do watch a lot of learning type stuff (cooking shows, home improvement shows), but it's like I can't totally relax with the TV turned on- to anything. (Anyone else feel like this?) Anyways we are planning to try being totally TV free one day a week- I think I would like more, but I'm not sure he would go for it!

Also- National TV turn off week is coming up... maybe I can work Justin up to it!


Lou Arnold said...

this is why we got rid of cable and TV. We just spend family time together. It was hard at first but we don't think about it much anymore.

Mandy said...

I'm a rare person in that I'm aware of my TV addiction.. but I'm okay with it. lol I have a few shows that I just LOVE! I've found our DVR to be a great family time saver. I can record all of my favorite shows, and watch them once the kids are in bed. Clayton works nights a lot so it's kind of like my adult conversation. He and I do enjoy watching TV together too though... I'm with you thought that if it's on too much I start to feel stressed. Too much "input" I guess.

brittany_leverett said...

I will have to agree with Mandy! I LOVE my DVR. I record all the shows and watch them AFTER our family time and when everyone is in bed and I am up folding clothes or during their naps during the day while I am folding clothes or need time to anyway, I have found that item to be PRICELESS, lol! Love and Miss you!!!