Monday, March 24, 2008

The Search

So we went to NM this weekend in search of the perfect job and the perfect house... well maybe not perfect, but better. Justin already has a list of jobs (demo, tiling, door installation, etc.) from 10 of my parent's friends and Amanda has 2 pretty good job offers as well. On to the house.... WOW... the housing market in SE NM is insane! I think it may be the only place in the world that has increased home sales. I don't know if we can get enough financing to buy a house in a remotely safe neighborhood.
So now we're considering Colorado again.
The pros... Amanda could potentially get her dream job (being an Auditory Verbal therapist- it's a special kind of speech therapy with hearing impaired kids that teaches their brain how to hear again without sign language or cued speech). Justin could definitely finish school there. There are tons of foreclosures in the Denver area so it's a great time to buy there. This is where we want to be forever (at least we think so).
The cons... We don't have all the great construction connections for Justin. We'll be kind of waiting until the last minute to find a place to live since we have no time until school's out in May.


dean said...

moving's always tough... the further away the tougher it is, especially if you're following God's leading, because He doesnt always lay out the whole scenario ahead of time. we'll be praying for you as youpray about what you need to do.

Lou Arnold said...

Good luck! I can't imagine being in limbo and not knowing where you may end up.

Val said...

Amanda, just ran across your blog. Click on my name I have one as well. Both of my kids wear cochlear implants and we are very active in advocacy, you can read lots of similar blogs at where there are other therapists, bloggers, d/Deaf people, and many parents of kiddos like mine. Hope to see ya around.