Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going back to the start...

Today was one of those days in foster parenting where I sometimes question why God put this desire in my heart... a slap in the face, three  police officers, and home destruction can make you question "Are you sure about this God!".

So we have had a new kiddo in our house for a little over a month now. He is such a scared little boy with lots of anger; he has traveled from home to home; facility to facility; from rejection to rejection, but sometimes that piece of his story is so hard to remember. T has flat out told us- "I know you guys are just gonna give up on me like every other family has!" This little boy has lost so much in his short life and wow do we have a LOT of trust to build. I have to keep in my mind, every meltdown, every hit/kick/punch is proving to him that we won't give up on him, that we care about him. Not to say that I like him every minute of the day. Sometimes being a foster parent (and I'm sure a bio parent too) really shows me what a sacrifice God makes everyday when he chooses to love us in spite of us, when we discipline and set boundaries because we love, when we let someone less powerful than us hurt us.

This experience has also taught me a ton about growth and how God can change us. Since we have had our kids more long term, I think J and I sometimes forget where we started on our journey as a foster family. I remember when A first moved in with us and J thought they would never have a connection- now they have such a neat bond as we have earned A's trust! It is almost comical to watch how A looks up to J and seeks his approval- fist bumps, jump hugs, and 'right man?'s.

If you can, pray for our family- I know God has called us to love tough kids, but some days it is a daunting task. We are so thankful to have people supporting us even when we struggle.   

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