Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Waiting (Room)

On Tuesday our foster care journey really began- Justin and I sat in the waiting room of a therapist's office while our future foster son was being told that he was not being adopted with his brother and sister and was instead coming to live with us "a therapeutic foster home".  As we sat I didn't know how to feel- sad, nervous, unprepared, underqualified.... basically scared out of my mind.  It resembled my memory of my wedding day when it was only me left in the quiet little room, that "oh my gosh- this is really going to happen" kind of feeling.  As we have started to move forward with life I just can't give enough (even though I am giving everything I possibly can) and I am truly understanding that love is not enough for these wounded hurting children.  I never realized how much I would have to trust HIM and know that HIS hand is in it all and just hope that I don't get in the way.


Brandy Files said...

Very well said, friend. Read Nancy Thomas's book "When love is not enough".

Anonymous said...

We have found Karyn purvis a great resource! Www.empoweredtoconnect and the book the connected child- :) praying a prayer of perseverance for you now- Lindsey king

Amanda and Justin Dreyer said...

Lindsey- We love Karyn Purvis and even got to attend her conference the week before our little guy came to live with us- talk about God's timing. Brandy I will have to chack her book out!