Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1/2 Marathon

So this happened a few weeks ago, but I just never got around to posting it.  I convinced my mom that she should walk a 1/2 marathon with me (I thought about asking her to run... but there was no chance of that).  We trained by walking 6 miles at first and adding a mile a week until we were up to 13.  I was so proud of her especially b/c we finished in 3 hrs 20 minutes, a whole hour faster than she thought she would be able to do!  I really think it was good for her b/c she has somewhat low self-esteem and it was nice for her to do something she never thought she would do.


brittany_leverett said...

OMGoodness!!! I am SO SO SO Proud of Both of you!!! You Both Look Great! Your Mom looks Absolutely Beautiful!!! Man I miss you guys!!! Love you TONS!!! :o)

Sugar-n-Spice said...

oh, i can't imagine walking that far!!!! i thought i was doing good to do the 5k breast cancer walk! ;) i should get extra points, though, cause i was carrying "mercy"!

miss you guys! i hadn't stopped by in awhile, and i just saw your anniversary post. i really didn't know you guys got to know each other that way. too neat!

life is great here, sounds like we're finally going to get to adopt "charity", and mercy is growing and changing everyday. she's beautiful. i wish you guys could see her. thank goodness i have a dish washer (and microwave) that's chugging away! ;) (or maybe there's someone else i should thank.)