Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Mexico... more than just a desert

So things have been completely crazy at work this past week- so no time for posting.  I've gone to bed before 8:00 2 nights this week!  Last weekend I took Justin to visit my Granny in Las Cruces... let's just say that he was shocked that within 2 hours from our house there are real mountains... with elk and antelope and ski runs, and trees and everything!  Haha... we had a great time going to the farmer's market and bought some wonderful organic preserves, honey, and local produce.  Here are a couple pictures from the trip.  Those are the Organ mountains in the background and Chope's bar and mexican restaurant is our favorite place to go.  My grandparents used to eat there when they lived at Stalmann farms pecan orchard (in the 1950s) and the restaurant was one room out of their house (even when I was little you had to walk through the kids rooms to go to the bathroom) but they have one of the best Mexican restaurants anywhere!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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dean said...

man, we moved to monroe and there are NO good mexican restaurants here... NONE. but i guess if your state has the word "mexico" in it, it BETTER have some decent mexican food!