Saturday, October 13, 2007

Justin got me a new camera for our anniversary and since we don't have any kids to take endless pictures of... I took a ton of our babies. Here are just a few

To the left is Rita... Justin's baby... and probably one of the most spoiled dogs ever.

The silly looking black lab is my baby- Tigo. People are always scared of him, but he's the biggest baby... and he loves kids! When we lived in Little Rock he would continually get out and I always found him at the local elementary school playground.The next three are dogs that we foster. We're currently working with an animal rescue out of Little Rock.

This is Bailey- dog #3. Justin found her on the side of the road near Dumas last January. She was a sad sack of bones.
This is Molly. The rescue asked us to take her this summer since the family she was staying with already had 8 dogs. She's up for adoption too.

This is our latest addition. Apparently she doesn't like her picture taken, Justin found her out in the median on a highway near Dumas. We've been calling her "newbie" (since she's the new dog and we can't agree on a name). She is also up for adoption, but she's so sweet I just may want to keep her.

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Shelley said...

I love the camera shy one...