Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Love, hypocrites, and a "professional Christian"

Since my blog looked pretty empty I decided to post something I wrote on another blog awhile back:

I served as a youth intern at a church in Little Rock and I had the priviledge to lead small groups of junior and senior girls. One night we got to talking about loving others. It's so much easier to love and accept people as they are when they aren't held to the standards of being a Christian. It's so much harder to love those people who claim to have the love of Christ, yet continue to hurt us, to judge us, to live lives of hypocricy. I challenged them with a question... how do we love the hypocrites? After a week we came back to discuss... and there really is no right answer. I feel like such a hypocrite sometimes... here I am a leader, a "professional Christian" and I still fall, I think and do things I shouldn't and I let my girls into my life... they know my imperfections and they love me anyways. They had been doing it all along without even knowing it...loving this hypocrite for all that she was.

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Mommatude said...

I was thinking about this the other day too-not just the average hypocrite though-the ones who are really unkind,to such an extent that they hurt people constantly,whether knowingly or unfortunately unknowingly-I definitely have trouble loving someone like that and I was sure hoping to see the answer...LOL.

Welcome to the blogworld!-K.T.